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Below are suggestions to vary your sessions until we can train collectively again. Please ensure you warm up before and cool down correctly after each session. Follow Government guidelines on social distancing.

Speed or Interval Session:

  1. Pyramid session: up to 4/5 mins with 2 mins recovery on flat/hills.
  2. Tempo run @ 70/75% of race pace – 35 minute session
  3. 90 secs on / 60 secs off – 35 minute session
  4. 1 km or 1 mile intervals with 2 min recovery – 40 minute session
  5. Hill Tempo – 35 minute session

Easy Tempo or Interval Session:

  1. One minute on / minute off – 25 minute session
  2. Easy Tempo @ 60% of race pace – 25 minute session
  3. Easy intervals i.e. 10mins on / 2min off – twice

Tempo Runs

Ashtown & Blackhorse Avenue

The 3k loop around the Aras, Ashtown Gate & Chesterfield Avenue provides for a good tempo or speed session loop


The 3.8k loop around the S-bends & Khyber provides for a good tempo / Pyramid loop incorporating hills or the Acres loop on the path around the pitches. Inside this is the Munich mile loop you will be familiar with some good hill work too

Speed Sessions

Ashtown & Blackhorse Avenue

The 1.2k straight on Furze Road provides for a good speed session with the white barriers being 400m apart so perfect for a 90sec on 60sec off session or up and back for your 800m session


The Polo Ground loop provides for a speed session of 800m circuit or you can divide this up into run the barriers and jog the bend for a good speed session The exterior road is also 1 mile for longer speed sessions

Hill Training

Ashtown & Blackhorse Avenue

The 1.2k from Knockmaroon Gate to Glen Road provides for a great hill session where you job down and run up each side starting from the lake


The Khyber is the ultimate hill session being 950 meters from each barriers but the road is now marked in 100m intervals so divide it up into 200m, 400m or 500m repeats

Other Tempo & Speed Sessions

Islandbridge & Blackhorse Avenue

The Blackwood is a great loop for either tempo or speed sessions. It’s on the trails and often quieter than the roads


Memorial Gardens also provides a nice run by the Liffey or hills either side of the rose garden